Indonesian Traders in Favor of BlackBerry

Blackberry still dominates the market by 33.4 percent.

Published in VIVAnews Friday, June 29 2012, 16:16
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Smartphones (Photo credit: jagelado)
VIVAnews – Indonesian online gadget search engine,, has released a research on the nation’s consumers’ behavior in purchasing gadgets. The result of April 2012’s search shows that consumers’ search can be inversely proportional with the supply of goods offered by online retailers.

Telunjuk discovered that BlackBerry has become the most sold out gadget by online retailers. A total of three out of 10 cellular phones sold in the market are BlackBerry products. However, the most sought after brand is Samsung.

Apparently, Blackberry still dominates the market by 33.4 percent. Of all the cellular phone brands sold by online stores in Indonesia, Samsung only gets 13.4 percent.

Telunjuk has reported that Samsung proved the most sought after brand in April 2012 by 29 percent.

The former most famous cellular phone brand in the market, Nokia, has become less popular. However, the brand still has quite a large distribution in the Indonesian market at 22.9 percent.

Although iOS and Android have become dominant operation systems world-wide, the situation in Indonesia is different . RIM-made OS is still in control of the sales in Indonesia. BlackBerry’s OS holds the highest supply of 33.4 percent.

Android smartphones topped the search list by 71.5 percent. However, its supply in the market is not in par with consumers’ search as it only circulates around 17.2 percent on the nation’s online stores.

According to Telunjuk’s official statement, the situation refers to the fact that consumers are looking for BlackBerry products regardless of the OS.

iOs is the least popular in the market. This Apple’s operation system is currently at the lowest in OS supply chain at 1 percent. Symbian, mostly used by Nokia, has 9.7 percent. Windows Phone has 1.8 percent.


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