#AboutMe Beatfest: Consensus Culture of The Hipster

Belle & Sebastian @ Pukkelpop 2006.
Belle & Sebastian @ Pukkelpop 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Found this writing which include my opinion about Belle and Sebastian concert. The writer is my former boss in Rolling Stone Indonesia. Thanks, Mas Adib Hidayat. Well, i’m indeed a hipster ;))

November 14, 2010 Deathrockstar

By : Adib Hidayat

Singer Andien seen hurried into the Bengkel Nite Park when the band Sore closed the evening session with a show that is always eclectic. “I made it just in time, after I finished my rehearseal for the Saturday show at Salihara” said Andien. Agni, the former Miss Indonesia seen hurried also into the VIP section in the balcony above Bengkel Nite Park while dragging her boyfriend that is a model, Junot as well. “I went straight from Bandung to see this Beatfest event”, she said when approaching the Beatfest music booth at the exhibition space featuring
various genres of sub culture like Fashion, photography, film, art, lifestyle and music. Seen also David Naif, looking at ease singing to every song that was sung by Belle & Sebastien with a happy face. “Thank you for inviting me to this exciting event” says David, who was with a group of friends.

Beatfest is a music event, filled with trends and culture featuring musical acts by Belle & Sebastien, Ed Banger party, Ballads of the Cliché, Sore, and Agrikulture. It also displays the current exhibition of cultureal genre that presents a few figures who represent the profession and the discourse of their respective fields. Like Anton Wirjono (lifestyle), Edwin (film), Anton Ismael (Photo), Danjyo (fashion), Ade Dharmawan (Art) and myself in music.

At the start of the event, Ballads of The Cliché opened the concert for those who came early at 6 pm. They were starting to lunge forward. Song’s that were sung by Ballads of The Cliché were early entertainment for those attented Beatfest supported by Avolution. Continued by the festive action by Agrikulture with and exotic, eclectic performance by Sore.

Social networks like Twitter and faceboook was splash with comments, praise, and their presence at Beatfest. Many of who gave comments and compliments to the event that was taking place, or even remorse because they couldn’t come to Beatfest. Especially when Belle & Sebastien appeared.

One spectator named Karlina Octaviany wrote about the Beatfest event and expressed her opinion “Belle & Sebastien opened with “I didn’t See It Coming” “I’m a Cuckoo” and “Step Into My Office” showing their narrative lyrics, Telling the daily light melody that is easy to digest. They sang along and clapped. Here is how to enjoy Belle and Sebastien. Jumping lightly, shake your body to the left and right, clap, and sing along. Some of the members of Belle and Sebastien were smiling. Their faces were sometimes amazed by the Jakarta audience reactions. Belle and Sebastien has carved fun like a picnic in the garden with friends in our hearts.”

Beatfast became an arena of urban pop culture and current consensus. Thousands of people attented in one perception they have to attend because they have come from that community. There is a sense of “I must attend because I am part of them.” Quoting from Desacrtes, Cogito ergo sum, “I think therefore I exist”. So those who attended felt to have an obligation to attend the arena and space of Beatfest in the Bengkel Nite Park.

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