Check Out Google’s Open Spaces for Digital Street Art

Well, it’s not exactly a street art. It’s not even in the streets 🙂 But wait for it…you can see how your art transform in the public spaces! It’s a cool service, Google.

I created this “street art” by using spray paint, roll brush, and markers. You can try Open Spaces and create your own art. It’s pretty easy and fun. Just use your mouse!

Urban Blood

Here’s some basic tutorial. You can explore yourself.

1. Open new space and start drawing.

Click the button

2. You can choose spray paint, paint brush, roll brush, markers, and eraser. Pick the size of the brush.


3. There is also a color picker. You can even choose color opacity.

Color picker

4. To make it easier, Google provides back, forward, zoom in, and zoom out button.


5. On the upper right, you can pick Enter to save your street art. I’m having trouble entering to my Gmail account. “Error: redirect_uri_mismatch” message keeps coming up. Oh bummer.

In the middle, you can share it to your social network and Google+ contact.

The round button is to wash the canvas and start fresh.

Save, Share, and Start Over

6. This is where the magic happens! You can see how your painting will look in the public spaces. Just click the arrow in the bottom and then voila! Your painting in the building, house, billboard, etc. This feature transform your painting to a street art projection. How cool is that? Me likey 🙂

Click the arrow

7. Click the arrow to browse your display option.

Choose your own spaces

Now you can called it “street art maybe?” 🙂

Google Indonesia held a competition where you can submit your work of art with Gmail account. Every Thursday, the jury will choose one winner from ten most voted street arts. This project starts October 24th, 2012 to January 4th, 2013. So, start drawing and ask your friends to vote for you!


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