How to Export Photo& Video from Multiply

It’s time to move on! This is the last day to pack your bag from Multiply to other blogging service. After you have completed your mission to move texts and featured photos to Blogspot (read tutorial here), now you can clear it up so it will be ready to be demolished! Here are the steps to rescue your media content such as photo and video. Follow my lead!

1. Login to your Multiply and select My Site. Under your avatar, you can see and pick “Download media”.

2. You will be directed to the tutorial page. You can read the instructions. The migration tools only support two browser: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. If you don’t have it, you can download and install it first before starting the procedure.

I choose Google Chrome. It’s faster than Mozilla.

2. If you choose Chrome, you need to download “Download Master” chrome extension. It’s like a tool to download media content from a website. Just search the extension in Chrome web store or you can download here.

3. After you install “Download Master”, go back to Multiply Media Download page.

4. You can see “Download Master” icon on top right of the browser. Pick that and choose all to download your whole media content. You can see all of your Multiply files in the blue table. Hit download!

5. Chrome will ask for your permission to download multiple files. Just press “Allow” button.

6. The media files which in the downloading process are located in the bottom of the browser. After your download finish, you will be able to see all of the media content in your Downloads folder in your PC/ laptop. You will be able to re-upload it to your new blog.

RIP, Multiply!


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