Save GOA: Five Days to Save Indonesia

Lake Toba by Wikitravel
Lake Toba by Wikitravel

It’s in the remote area where no internet connection has reached the land. A place where the action to save the planet will reach its end. December 10, 2012, it’s the due date. The clock is ticking, only five days left.

The fund apocalypse will destroy the office of Generation of Action (GOA), a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) formed in 2010 dedicated to combating environmental problems in the City and District of Pematangsiantar Simalungun in central Sumatra. These environmental heroes will be expelled from the land. Their nursery for seedlings of 10,000 trees will be destroyed. All of this because the landlord raises the rent for their office from US$1,000 to US$5,000 for three years. They are forced to pay it all at once by December 10, 2012.

GOA has actively fight the environmental problems, range from water, air, and soil pollution to protect our remaining forest areas from illegal logging and clearing for palm oil and other agricultural pursuits. The younger generation that make up GOA felt that they have a responsibility to enhance and preserve the environment for future generations living, not only in the City and District of Pematangsiantar Simalungun, but also for Indonesia as a whole. GOA believes the future generations have a right for a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future.

There will be fundraising to Save GOA this Friday night, December 7, 2012. You can show, help, and participate for this event. Just by reading this, you can use your internet connection for good cause to raise awareness to save GOA. You can also directly contact GOA to give your support. Please come to the fundraising night at:

365 Eco Bar Jakarta
Aksara Kemang parking lot
Jl. Kemang Raya, no. 8B.

Phone Number: 62-21 7191032

As I read from National Geographic’s instagram photo caption,

Our world doesn’t need any more cynics, but our ailing planet needs more people with courage and commitment.

Here’s some words from GOA:


  1. Grow and plant ten thousand native trees every year in various locations throughout the municipality of Simalungun (including lake Toba).
  2. Provide guidance and assistance to local govermant, district councils, village chiefs and the wider community about the importance of environmental conservation.
  3. Educate members of the community who have the potential to provide solutions to existing environmental problems.
  4. Work with local government to adopt a clean city program through the greater placement of rubbish bins, recycling centres and strategically placed landfill sites.
  5. Coordinate with other NGO’s to pressure the Local and district governments to protect all remaining forests, crack down on illegal logging and other forms of land clearing and to create new National Parks and Forest Protection Areas.

GOA has undertaken the following programs:

a. Organised the Cleaning of residential areas, markets and other public places.

b. Planted 23,000 native trees and supplied native seeds for reforestation programs

c. Worked with governments to create new landfills and recycling centres in the distict.

d. Through funding from Pertamina; designed, developed and erected 12 large signs along roadsides to educate the community about forest protection and appropriate disposal of rubbish.

In addition to the above program, GOA offers counseling and guidance to district governments, schools and other educational institutions, church leaders and companies in the city and county of Simalungun.


GOA, being a Non-Government Organisation has up to this point in time functioned without any incoming funds, operating day-to-day activities at the personal expense of its organizers. Funding was allocated for project specific purposes only.

With the participation of the society in our programs, GOA assures that this program will be very beneficial directly to aspects of society, especially the municipalities and counties Simalungun.

And also for the donors, among others:

• Contribute to improving the knowledge and human resources in the field of environmental conservation.

• Contribute to the long-term preservation of the environment.

• Provide a good image in the development of human resources and district municipalities Simalungun

If the institution for donors who willing to participate in sustainability programs we have explained above, The donors can confirm and call Generation Of Action Chairman: Marcus Lamhot 085358233393.

For your attention and participation, we appreciate your efforts



(Lamhot Sitorus)


(Erni. F, S.Pd)


(Hanna Silalahi)


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