#FoodTraveler Vegetarian Ramen in Japan Train Station

Most of the ramen in Japan is using pork, either the meat or curry. So if you don’t eat pork, vegetarian, or looking for halal ramen, it’s not an easy task. But worry not, I came across a cute vegan restaurant serving…*drumroll* VEGAN RAMEN! Yes, they uses vegetables like mushroom and it tasted so good. They served hot and spicy ramen also. You can find it in Shinagawa Station.

vegan ramen


After a hot bowl of big portion of ramen, you can calm your tongue by eating this super cute tamago pudding. It’s basically a cold egg pudding served in a egg shell. And hey, you can always count on refillable cold ocha. It’s a really cold ones though, but yeah it’s summer anyway.

tamago pudding


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