#FoodTraveler Satay Tasting Across Java

My friend used to ask, “What is your favorite food in wedding ceremony?” “Satay!” Yes, I also always hunt for authentic satay when I travel. Since the roadtrip covered Central Java, I love to judge them all.



From left to right

Yogyakarta: I’m still amazed by the simplicity and authenticity of Sate Klathak in Imogiri. But since it’s so faraway from central Yogyakarta, I decided to taste the city version in Wijilan street. It’s not the same, you should go to Pak Pong food stall in the Imogiri market.

Pemalang: Sate Loso near the train station, Urip Sumoharjo street is amazing! The legendary satay now run by the forth generation. It’s famous for its red nutty sauce. The satay is made from beef. The beef is marinated with secret sauce, then they pour the nutty sauce. The smell is mouthwatering. The sauce makes this dishes the winner. It’s spicy, sweet, and savory at the same time. Gulai also taste great. Try them all!

Tegal: The last one…I forgot the exact location. Sari Sedap restaurant is quite famous in Tegal. It’s famous for the goat meat. The meat is tender and juicy, loving the texture of the fat with small burns that makes it crunchier. No, the bad smell of goat meat is not there. It’s good, I definitely comeback, but I left my heart in Pemalang. It’s just to good to be true.




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