The Jakarta Post: Irama Nusantara, Collecting puzzles of Indonesia’s music history

In love with Indonesia’s classic tunes? Try to answer this quiz, how far do you know about the music album on the front page of ? 😀

If you came across, there probably would be many classic but few familiar album covers.

Chris Priyonugroho, Alvin Yunata, David Tarigan, Toma Avianda, Dian Wulandari, Mayumi Haryoto and Norman Illyas Rumahorbo launched the website of the Irama Nusantara community on Independence Day, August 17, last year.

I read about it from Twitter. One day I watched Mayumi’s presentation in Pecha Kucha and got excited. Indonesia’s has a big problem in music history’s archive. Remember Lokananta Studio’s sad story?

I really enjoyed this interview process. For the photo shoot, I asked to meet in a place which provide turntable to get the classic atmosphere. They advised Getback Coffee in Fatmawati, Jakarta. It’s a vintage industrial cafe with vinyls and turntable.

David showed dozens of Indonesia’s rare vinyls for the photo shoot props.

The Irama Nusantara team is hilarious 😀 *insert old school jokes

Read here.


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