The Jakarta Post: Tale of Yogyakarta Puppet Party

From the dark history of 1965 explored in Mwathirika to the Javanese version of the Oedipus mythology found in Watugunung, Papermoon Puppet Theatre has shown that puppets are more than just child’s play. – See more at:

My first encounter of Papermoon Puppet Theatre was Mwarthirika, I never thought that puppet theatre could shed tears in my eyes. The dark history of 1965 told in laughter and sad moment of an innocent child. I managed to catch most of their performance once they played in Jakarta. Until one day, I watched their performance, Watu Gunung with The Jakarta Post photographer, Ricky Yudhistira. He was mesmerized and encouraged me to wrote a story about Papermoon.

Watu Gunung at Edwin's Gallery, Kemang, Jakarta
Watu Gunung at Edwin’s Gallery, Kemang, Jakarta

After I posted my photos of their performance on Instagram @journalin, Ria of Papermoon commented on the post. Then the discussion continued to interview.

You just have to watch Papermoon Puppet Theatre to feel what I felt when I wrote this piece. Such a joy 🙂

Watch it here


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