#FoodJakarta Organic Planet in Mars Kitchen

If you like watching TV, you will recognize Chef Marinka, the judge in Masterchef Indonesia. Well, if she can judge others cooking, I have high expectation on her creation. Yes, I approved. I’m not a big fan of organic and paleo diet or clean eating for modern day lifestyles. Yes, it’s good for your health, but it taste bad for your taste buds sometimes for an expensive food. But, Mars Kitchen in Fatmawati proves me wrong. It’s so good that I eat everything here. Like so many!

mars kitchen

The chia seeds brownies is so dense, crunchy on top, and the dark chocolate served your mouth beautifully. The red velvet cupcakes got its color from dragon fruits. The chocolate cake is moist, crunchy texture inside because of the nuts, and the thick dark chocolate taste melted smoothly in your tongue. It’s the best of the day!

To swallow it all, the kitchen served the trendy infused water. So refreshing after stuck in bad traffic jam. All that goodness comes with no “sin”, as the cakes are healthy and organic! They sell organic food materials also. I will definitely comeback… with a motorcycle ride to overcome the traffic, HA!

I also heart the decoration, swing as a chair, wooden furniture, frames, sign board. Homey yet lovely 🙂



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